Giorgia Lanuzza’s Story


Giorgia Lanuzza’s story

I was just thirteen years old when I lost my dad, and it was an incredibly tough time. Then I started to see the first signs of psoriasis, starting with small patches of dry skin on my legs. My mum had suffered with the condition for years, so I feared I knew the diagnosis – I went to the doctor, and sure enough, it was psoriasis.

Still grieving for the loss of my dad, my life felt so complex. I had no idea how to come to terms with the fact that I was stuck with psoriasis for life, and it changed how I felt about both my skin and myself. Suddenly I had lost my confidence, and felt that I wasn’t open or fun anymore. Luckily my friends weren’t fazed and supported me through the difficult times – especially my dearest friend Robyn.

In 2015, my skin was the best it had been in years, and I took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Thailand. But a throat infection while abroad brought the psoriasis to the surface, resulting in around 97% of my skin being covered. It was too painful for me to go out in the sun and eventually I cut my trip short, returning to the UK.


Reading diary entries from that time can still bring me to tears. I wrote about the pain I was experiencing and the feelings that went with it. But reading the entries made me want to show that I am beautiful with my psoriasis – I’d written, “I want to show the world that you can be happy regardless of perceptions, and to change how people view psoriasis.”

This is why I photograph myself, and others. If I can take pictures of myself covered in psoriasis, and see the beauty in my scales, I hope that I can help others do the same. I want to show that what holds us back in life can be turned into strength.



My photography has helped me find the confidence I once lost. Stress has always been a trigger for my psoriasis, so now I try to be a positive thinker and keep my stress levels low. This, combined with using my prescribed ointments and moisturising daily with Exorex Moisturising Cream, helps to keep my skin at its best. I’ve come to terms with the condition and I’m proud of who I am.

Giorgia Lanuzza, Photographer.