What are the main goals when managing patients with Psoriasis?

  • To diagnose psoriasis and exclude other dermatological conditions
  • To offer treatment appropriate to the areas affected
  • To refer as appropriate
  • To address psychosocial issues resulting from psoriasis

What are the principles of managing chronic Plaque Psoriasis?

  • To assess the areas affected and create a treatment plan
  • To outline the treatment options and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one
  • To discuss psychological issues and offer sources of support
  • To advise the patient that:
    • psoriasis is not infectious
    • psoriasis may be triggered by a number of factors, such as a throat infection, injury or stress
    • it may take a few weeks for treatment to be effective
    • psoriasis is a recurring condition and multiple treatment courses may be required
    • they should seek medical advice if they notice unexplained joint pain or swelling

What role does coal tar play in Psoriasis management?
Topical coal tar therapy has been used in dermatology for over a century. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-scaling properties useful in treating psoriasis. Exorex Lotion smells and stains less than conventional coal tar, and is therefore more practical for home use.